Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Celebrations are around the corner. Tomorrow is Hari Raya and i would like to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Puasa. Well, Deepavali is next and i am kind of excited and lots of stuff to do.

I will be taking part in the Navarathiri Poojas, special prayers for Durgai Amman, Mahalakshmi and Saraswathy, and i will be fasting from 30th Sep to 9 Oct. So too bad, i can only celebrate a belated b'day. Some of my friends are already grumbling but don't worry gals, my treat will be after the vridham ok.

After all these prayers, preparation for Deepavali starts. The norm thing we do every year, making 6 or 7 types of cookies, murukus and cakes. I have completed my shopping, the thing i love the most. But not the spring cleaning, still have time for that. ; ) I would like to highlight something about the shopping. I was quite upset that there were sale everywhere for Hari Raya festive but there isn't any for our festive. One of the Chinese salesgirl mentioned that the sale ends on 1st of Oct and thereafter, no sale is introduced so u better grab fast or else you have to pay more for the same quality. I bought a Voir Exchange pants for only RM22.17 instead of the original price at RM63.90. Just see the discounts and privileges the Bumiputras get. This is very upsetting, don't we share the same identity as 'Malaysians'? It just gets into my nerves and i feel like migrating to S'pore for good. At least, we are treated equally. Anyway, i don't wish to say anymore about this double standard treatment.

My bro-in-law's engagement is next on the row which will be held in Taiping on Nov 23. We must be there coz we couldn't attend his registration last week. So better give our attendance before my MIL makes noise......... hehee

Next will be my cousin's wedding in K.L. on Nov 29, but i am not sure whether i can make it coz i am lack of leave. My parents will be there though. Keeping my fingers crossed for any last minute changes.

Many photo updates are on the line up. So keep visiting my blog, guys.

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tulipspeaks said...

hey.. busy gal.. missing u around! :-)