Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Final Deepavali Open House

Painting on the ceiling of the car porch. Beautiful.........

A shot before the feast

Trying to act cute..... Hehehe

From left, Vani & kids, Sheila, my mum and vimala akka's mum



Hellooo, i thought it should be ladies 1st????

Jodi No.1

Jodi No 2 (oily faces, taken after the dinner)

Jodi No. 3
Jodi No. 4 & 5 is missing coz they were very busy serving the guests. They are none other than Mr & Mrs Vimala, her sister Vatchala and her jodi. They were such wonderful hosts that we felt being at home. We had a lot of fun joking around. I must thank vimala akka's mum who made us coffee after our dinner. Our tummy were so full but we couldn't say no to her lovely coffee. Thanks auntie. We appreciate your hospitality and thanks for the doorgift akka. Cho Chweet......

I guess these are the final pics of Deepavali open houses. Happy viewing!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Light Up

It's Karthigei and oils lamps are everywhere. The beauty of the lighted vilakku makes you feel very relaxed and harmony. It enhances more beauty and a magic glow to your house. Don't you agree?

In fact, every year, I will light up 54 oil lamps but this year I manage only 36. I always had a desire of lighting up 108 lamps. I'm crazy, i know. Maybe it can happen next year. hehehe........... Just lighting up is not enough, as you have to keep it lighted for at least 2 hours. You have to top up with more oil. 'Gracious oil lamps'. Today is the last day. Enjoy viewing some of the pictures I took once I lighted the vilakkus at home. May Lord Murugan bless us all.

Wishing everyone a Happy Karthigei

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Candid Shots - Deepavali

Get ready, doggies.....

Off to the Spa (Only dogs allowed)........ :P


Princess after her grooming session.... oh my sweetie

wearing her new dress

Rocky, looks like a lion...... hehehe

Can u leave me alone.......

I'm tired, let me sleep please......

Flower Kolam

Some decorations on the wall

Deepavali cookies

Murukkus and cakes

Buffet Spread

'The Bombay Chicken Briyani'

Mutton masala

some interesting conversation during dinner

My sis-in-law on top left corner

My close friends and neighbour

Nilasha & me at one of my neighbour's open house

Playing UNO, can i join?

Open house @ Raju anna's house

Miss all of you. Will update more photos next week. Too many open house lah.... Lolz

Take care!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Just one more day to go, for deepavali celebrations. Back at home, we have already completed our tasks. So much of cleaning and re-arranging things, not forgetting the decorations too. The maid agency pissing me off. After all the hassle, the outcome turned out well. We are going to have a sparkling deepavali this year. I wish all my fellow bloggers who celebrate this joyous occasion a very 'Happy Deepavali'. Hope all of you have a wonderful time. I may not blog for another few days. Miss you all.......
Take care