Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is the Concept of Love in our Tradition?

Love according to Indian concept, is a current that flows from heart to heart. We must learn to love all living beings and inspire others to do so. Love is radiant and it emits light. Many poets have written poems on love. It is believed that love is the most valuable quality in the world.

The very existence of the world depends on love, which is very true. It provides virtue, grace and prosperity. It is innate quality. Sparing love and kindness makes the giver and receiver refined and happy.

Give and take is the principle behind Love. If you love one, you too will be loved. Love is God. Loving man is equal to loving God.

Sprinking some love dust all over this post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deepavali Celebrations '08

A rather late post, kindly excuse me for this. Lolz...... A few happy moments that i want to share with u guys. Deepavali gatherings and open houses..........

Last minute kolam which i did on the eve, on and off watching
Vasantham's deepavali programme. It did turned out well. What do you ppl think?

Fresh flowers....... my hubby is such a sweetheart,
he chose my favourite flowers

Buffet Spread

My friends all the way from S'pore

My niece, Jaysina

My super nephews, Daanesh, Lakshman & Kishoor

Mini garden at my friends place

Tough guys..... my hubby is missing in the picture coz
he finished work late on that day

~ Sweet ladies ~

Nilasha n me

My mum n me

Finally, the host Mr & Mrs Nad, a made for each other couple,
they understand each other well and
i wish them all the happiness on earth.

Mummy, what is chitti trying to do?

J Boy & Baby Tianna

Monday, November 17, 2008

~ Exchanged Vows ~

2nd November was a memorable day in my life. We have renewed our vows at the temple after 7 years of marriage. It was a precious moment for me and I will cherish this. In our Indian tradition, the Iypasi month (November) is an auspicious month to change the thali chain. As per the priest's advise, I changed to a new Thali chain. We had a special prayers and did offerings to the Amman before wearing it on. I felt so lucky at that point coz the chain was put around the amman's neck first during the prayers.

And next was the rings. My hubby chose the design and it was an awesome piece. I love it so much. He got the goldsmith shop to engrave our names and the wedding date on the rings and made it even more special. Thank you my sweetheart. I love you always.......

May God bless us with many more happy years to come.