Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have been hit by the tag fever by Vickn3s, who was also tagged by Novin. Just answer 9 simple questions and link the person who have tagged you. In a way, it increases the traffic flow to other blogs which helps to promote one's blog too. So here it goes.....

1 A.R Rahman or Ilaiyaraaja?
~ Oh come on, they create masterpieces! Both are excellent.

2. Rajinikanth or Kamal?
~ Namba superstar

3. Windows or Mac?
~ Windows

4. Nokia or Sony Ericsson?
~ Kannum Kannum .....

5. Wordpress or Blogger?
~ me using blogger

6. Vairamuthu or Vaali?
~ Vickn3s has quoted that 'both are perverts', I shall stick to that, coz these two's imagination is really wild most of the times. Hehe

7. SPB or Hariharan
~ Hariharan, my fav

8. BMW or Mercedes
~ Prefer BMW than Mercedes. But my dream car is Peugeot open-top.

9. Left or right?
~ Right, i suppose.

Feel free to take up this tag, guys.