Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Day at Singapore Zoo

From the left: my hubby, sivanes akka, me, sheila akka,
dhanam akka n her hubby and not forgetting
the orang utan family happily sitting at the back of us

Elephant show

Refuse to lie down

Fierce Rhino

These are some pics taken during a staff family day at Singapore Zoo on Satuday,14 July 2007. It was great fun and everyone was very friendly there. We had a wonderful time. I'll post other pics once I have uploaded. Till then, happy viewing : )

The Diva & The Macho

Finally i got a pic of my doggies. The one on the left is 'Princess' and the right is 'Rocky'. Look at the difference between the 2 1/2 yrs old and a 1 yr old. Rocky is the greedy one who likes to munch non-stop. No wonder he is big built.
Princess used to have long furs but we cut them off last month bcoz they were tangled so badly and we can't comb her furs. My hubby was blaming me for not combing them everyday, like as if i have so much time in the world. I was feeling sad too but I told myself that I better comb them often. Anyway, she is still a glamour even with short furs. At first, she was very depressed when we had her 'botak'. The pet shop told us that she would be a bit upset since her fur is missing, so she needs a lot of attention. We were very surprised to know that dogs are so sensitive and cautious. So we were showering her with all our love and paid a lot of attention to her. Soon after, she got over it. I think by November her furs will grow longer and she can wear her clips on her ponytail and look pretty for Deepavali. I know its a bit too crazy but after all they are such lovable and faithful living things on earth. They are so adorable and I love them so mucccccch.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We make them Cry who care for us,
We Cry for those who never care for us,
And we care for those who will never Cry for us
This is the truth of life, it's strange but TRUE.

I find it natural as it happens in every single person in this world. It starts from our early age, when our parents tell us not to do something, but we monsters, still do things behind their back. It may have hurt them so badly at that time, but to think, we were very young and had an age which wants to explore and know more things, right! We learned from our mistakes and that's when we realised our parents scolded us for a reason. We should learn to accept those advices given by our elders and not be rebellious and upset them. It's never too late to change for the better.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Table Mannerism

Most people have no chance to get to know such concept of Table Mannerism as we always eat using our hand. In this modern world, we have to adapt to such manners when dining out with colleagues or clients at any formal luncheon or dinner.
Here are some tips for you to read and improve your knowledge too in this very same concept of Table Mannerism.
At a formal luncheon or dinner, wait for an indication from your host before you seat yourself. The host may have a certain seating arrangement in mind. In very formal events, there will be place holders with your name on the table to guide you. In many cases, however, the host will either guide you to your seat personally or indicate that you may sit where you please.
Gentlemen, please remember chivalry is not yet dead! While the ladies may not give you condemning looks, they will appreciate it if you wait for them to be seated before you sit.
Now we come to the problem area - Cutlery. While many of us may not use a fork and knife at home, you are expected to adhere to some global norms at business lunches and other formal dos. Sounds intimidating? It's not, actually. We'll tell you why...
~ Take it for granted that the place settings on your table will be correctly arranged by the server. This means you are provided with the adequate number of forks, knives and spoons for each course that is to follow.
~ Wondering which fork and which knife to pick up from the entire spread? Simple rule: Work your way from the outside to the inside. This means the outermost fork and knife are meant for your first course (usually salads or starters) and so on. The number of forks and knives also indicate the number of courses in the meal (This tip is particularly handy for those who like to save space for dessert).
~ The dessert spoon and fork (if necessary) are placed parallel to each other above the dinner plate.
~ The side plate (often referred to as the bread and butter plate) is to your left, along with the salad plate. The liquids -- including water, wines and tea or coffee cups -- are to your right.
~ It is customary that you maintain the place settings through the meal. If you pick up your wine glass or water goblet to have a sip, place it back in the same position.
Now we come to the 'how to part holding your cutlery'. As indicated by the place settings, hold the fork in your left hand and the knife in your right.
Europeans prefer to hold the fork in their left hand with the tines pointing towards the diner. The knife is held in the right, with the sharp edge facing inwards.
Americans prefer to cut the food using the fork and knife. After using the knife, place it on your plate and eat with your fork, tines facing upwards. Either way of eating is acceptable.
Slicing through, While cutting up a dish, use the fork to hold the food down and cut with the knife. The pressure of your index finger on top of the knife should be enough to slice through the dish. Avoid sawing (back and forth motion) with your knife; it will seem as if you are hacking your meal! Always cut bite-sized pieces of food, so you are not embarrassed while trying to fit a huge chunk into your mouth. Taking a breather? When you pause during a meal, you may place the fork on the left and the knife on the right side of the plate, so that they cross over at the centre of the plate.
Second helping If you need to pass your plate for a second helping, place the fork and knife parallel to each other at the right side of the plate, to make room for the food.
Napkin guidelines
~ While it is acceptable to place the napkin on your lap as soon as you are seated, people usually prefer to follow the host's lead. If it is a small luncheon napkin, you can unfold it completely before placing it on your lap. In case of a large dinner napkin, fold it in half, lengthwise.
~ Use your napkin to gently blot your lips during the meal. Remember, it is not a towel to blow your nose or wipe your face!
~ If you need to get up during the meal, place your napkin on your chair to indicate you will be back.
~ At the end of the meal, place the napkin neatly on the table to your right. Do not fold the napkin; at the same time, take care not to leave it in a crumpled heap.
10 Dining Rules:-

1) Never speak with food in your mouth
2) If you are not comfortable using a fork to eat rice, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the server for a spoon.
3) Do not ask for permission to smoke on the dinner table. It is considered rude. Preferably do not smoke at all, unless the host takes the lead or grants you permission.
4) Avoid answering calls and messages on your cell phone during a meal, unless it is very urgent. Ideally, the cell phone should be on the silent or discreet mode.
5) If you happen to drop a fork, spoon or knife during the meal, do not pick it up. You may ask the server for a replacement
6) Do not rest your elbows on the table during the meal. When you are not using the cutlery, place your hands on your lap. It is acceptable to lightly rest your wrists on the table.
7) Avoid ordering finger foods, so that your fingers don't get messy. If you do, try to use a fork to eat these. Also, never order the most expensive item on the menu unless your host urges you to try that dish.
8) Do not slurp while having soup. Wait for hot food items to cool sufficiently before you have them. It is not acceptable if you blow on hot food to cool it.
9) If you want to have bread or rolls with soup, tear a bite-sized piece, place it on the side plate, butter it with the butter knife and then pick it up with the fork. Do not hold the bread in your hand while buttering it.
10) If you want something you cannot reach, politely ask the person nearest to it to pass it to you. Never reach across your neighbour's plate to get something.

The end of the meal is usually indicated by placing the fork (tines up or down) and the knife (blade facing you) parallel to each other diagonally across the plate, with the handles pointing right. Had a nice, sumptuous meal? Hold on, you still have work to do. Remember to thank your host for a wonderful meal. Your host would definitely appreciate a thank-you card or note or some flowers that you could send across the next day.
You can also forward this to your friends to make them aware of The Art of Fine Dining, if they are one like myself. If you still want to read some more about this pls proceed to Eat Out - on your terms

Thursday, July 5, 2007

After the 3rd attempt

Finally, its over!!!
I passed my highway code with a 46/50 mark. Yahoooo..... The first two attempts i only got 40/50, the passing mark was 42. Anyway, I did learn from my careless mistakes and after getting this grade I'm happy now. I will have to sit for the theory n practical for 6hrs next sunday after which driving classes will commence.

Another 6 hours of torture, listening to the instructor talks.