Friday, August 24, 2007

To My Love of My Life

Love is the greatest feeling,
Love is like a play,
Love is what I feel for you,
Each and everyday,
Love is like a smile,
Love is like a song,
Love is a great emotion,
That keeps us going strong,
I love you with my heart,
My body and soul,
I love the way I keep loving
Like a love I can't control,
So remember when your eyes meet mine,
I love you with all my heart
And I have poured my entire soul into you
Right from the very start,
So these 7 words, i pray you hold true,
"Forever & Always, I will love you"

Hope you like this poem. Advance birthday wishes to you, my love. The reason why I posted this now is because I will be busy later baking chocolate brownies cake for you. It is purely edible, so don't worry. I'm sure you going to love it.

Anyway, August 25th and you are a year older. My sincere wishes to you and hope that you will have a wonderful time tomorrow. Ok, that's it for now, I will shower you with more beautiful words on the actual day and make you feel like a mighty king. Hahaz

With lots of love & kisses........

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two Moons on August 27

According to the latest version of an email rumour circulating since 2003, August 27 will bring the closest 'encounter' between Mars and Earth in recorded history, and it will look as if there are two moons in the night sky.
Email Sample:
*** Two moons on 27 August ***
27th Aug the whole world is waiting for .............
Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.
It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will happen on Aug 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of Earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug 27 12.30am. It will look like the earth has two moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
The text of this rumour was roughly accurate when a version of it first began circulating in the year 2003, outdated when it went around again in 2005, and just plain false when it appeared for the third time in 2006. It is now 2007, and making the email rounds again. How many times can a " once in a lifetime" event occur?
The oscillating orbits of Mars and Earth did, in fact, bring the two planets closer together on August 27 2003 than at any other time during the past 50000 years. Though Mars never actually appeared "as large as the full moon" - not even close - it was indeed, for a few days in 2003, among the brightest objects in the night sky.
Nothing so spectacular is predicted for 2007. Let's wait and see how true this is. Anyway, I have bought some Mars chocolates already. If I don't get to see the Mars planet, I will just eat my Mars chocolate. Lol.......
Research done by What a Life Pte Ltd.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sneaky Calorie-Cutting Tricks

The equation for weight loss is simple: Burn more calories than you take in, and you'll lose weight. Fortunately, trimming calories doesn't have to mean radical changes to your diet. Making subtle, simple substitutions or changes in your meal and snack choices each day can add up over time. If you continue with these habits over time, you'll lose weight and keep it off long-term. Hence, some dietary swaps so tasty and easy to maintain, you won't even miss the missing calories.

Take it light

  • Rather than lighten your coffee with cream and sugar, make the switch to skim milk and a calorie-free sweetener. One tablespoon of cream and two teaspoons of sugar adds up to 90 calories. Using two tablespoons of skim milk (you'll probably want a little more for desired creaminess) and a packet of Splenda or Equal will deliver just 15 calories, for a savings of 75 calories.

Make a milk swap

  • Top off morning cereal with a lower-fat milk. Choosing one cup of one-percent milk instead of whole saves 45 calories. Switch to skim milk, and you'll slash 65 calories.

Scramble this

  • Next time you're scrambling up some eggs, try using egg whites instead. Instead of two scrambled eggs, mix one egg with an egg white, and you'll save 85 calories.

Sip wisely

  • Soft drinks and iced teas are typically loaded with calories, especially when they come in super-sized bottles. A 16-ounce bottle of coca cola, for instance, contains 182 calories, and 16.9-ounce bottle of iced tea has 186 calories. Trade regular soda for the diet version or, better yet, a bottle of water, and you'll nix all of those calories from your day.

Be sandwich savvy

  • Rather than slather your sandwich in mayonnaise, give mustard a try. It packs a flavor punch, plus it's calorie-free (versus the 95 calories per tablespoon of mayo). Can't give up the mayo? Try the lighter version instead, and you'll save 55 calories.

Ditch dried fruit

  • Reach for fresh fruits instead of dried versions, which are calorie dense and void of the water that makes fruit so filling. For instance, one cup of grapes contains 60 calories, compared to a cup of raisins, which carries a whopping 495 calories.

There are many other ways to cut the calories, we consume daily without realising it. Have a balance diet and exercise regularly. It can keep us healthy and fit all the time. Life is to live, live healthily. Good day....... : )

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Oh gosh! I've been tagged by Sheetal. Apparently, I'm supposed to list down 7 random things about me. Tat's cool. So here it goes.......

  1. I love to eat desserts. My favourites are tiramisu and chocolate brownies with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream. Simply superb! So anyone who wants a favour from me, can just buy me one of the above. Hahaha..... just kidding. - dRooLing mE
  2. I have this habit of smelling my hair. Guys, don't worry, I wash my hair everyday and I strictly use Vidal Sasson shampoo ok! - wEirdo mE
  3. I hate to see worms or any creepy crawlers. I could just scream to the top of my voice and scare everyone at home. - sCary mE
  4. I'm a happy and fun-loving person. I am thrilled by sweet surprises. It makes me glow brighter like a 100watt bulb. Getting gifts is another thing but the thought that it counts. (My hubby is the King of surprises, love u ya) - sEntiMental mE
  5. I can't tolerate hypocrisy and boastful ppl. Those ppl are the ones who can just turn me OFF. (Yucks, vomit blood) - cRanKy mE
  6. I am also an organised person. If I take up a task, I will not rest until I have completed it. No one's perfect in this world except GOD, but I will always try to be a 90% perfectionist. - pErFect mE
  7. I don't get angry fast, but if I do, I can finish up the whole bar of Cadbury chocolate. I know it's horrible, but this is how I venge my anger on. And regret later thinking about the amount of calories I have consumed. - cRaZy mE

These are just a few things about me. Thanks to sheetal for tagging me and letting my cat out of the bag. hehehe.... : p

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy B'day to u Pa

It's my daddy's birthday today. I wanna wish you all the happiness on earth and may all your wishes come true, pa. Oh gosh, you have turned 61 this year. Pa, I would like to take this great opportunity to tell you that we always love you and thanks for everything you have done for us. You have been a great dad and taught us to be good humans. You gave us a good home, good food, good education, good freedom and let us decide our own life. Anna has chose a good partner for him and I have chose a good hubby for myself. We just wanna thank you for all this. Anna, anni, Karthik and me will always be with you. We just want you to be happy always. I know its a bit sentimental here, but just to let you know that all of us love you so much......
Happy Birthday to you!
P.S. Not forgetting, mum's cooking your favourite briyani and mutton curry today. We shall feast on it later ok.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"The Best Salesman"

An indian moves to Montreal and goes to a big department store looking for a job. The manager asks, "Do you have any sales experience?" The Indian says, "Yeah, I was a salesman back home". Well, the manager liked the young man, so he gave him the job. "You start tomorrow. I'll come down after we close and see how you did, but let me give you a bit of advice. If a customer comes looking say, for toothpaste, you might suggest for him a toothbrush, or shaving cream etc. You get the idea?"
"Of course", the young man said. His first day on the job was rough but he got through it. After the store was locked up, the manager came down. "How many sales did you make today? The Indian says, "one". The manager groans, "Just one? Our sales people average 20 or 30 sales / day! How much was the sale for?" The Indian says, S101,237.64." The manager exclaims, "What? S101,237.64? What did you sell him?"
The Indian replied, "First I sold him a small fish hook. Then I sold him a medium fish hook. Then i sold him a larger fish hook. Then I sold him a new fishing rod. Then I asked him where he was going fishing, and he said down at the coast, so I told him he was going to need a boat, so we went down to the boat department, and I sold him that twin engine Chris Craft. Then he said he didn't think his Honda Civic would pull it, so I took him down to the automotive department and sold him that 4X4 Pajero." The manager says "You mean a guy came in here to buy a fish hook and you sold him a boat and truck!"
The Indian says, "No, no, no, he came in here to buy a box of laurier for his wife and I said, "Well, since your weekend's already screwed up you might as well go fishing!!"
The manager fainted.....