Thursday, August 9, 2007


Oh gosh! I've been tagged by Sheetal. Apparently, I'm supposed to list down 7 random things about me. Tat's cool. So here it goes.......

  1. I love to eat desserts. My favourites are tiramisu and chocolate brownies with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream. Simply superb! So anyone who wants a favour from me, can just buy me one of the above. Hahaha..... just kidding. - dRooLing mE
  2. I have this habit of smelling my hair. Guys, don't worry, I wash my hair everyday and I strictly use Vidal Sasson shampoo ok! - wEirdo mE
  3. I hate to see worms or any creepy crawlers. I could just scream to the top of my voice and scare everyone at home. - sCary mE
  4. I'm a happy and fun-loving person. I am thrilled by sweet surprises. It makes me glow brighter like a 100watt bulb. Getting gifts is another thing but the thought that it counts. (My hubby is the King of surprises, love u ya) - sEntiMental mE
  5. I can't tolerate hypocrisy and boastful ppl. Those ppl are the ones who can just turn me OFF. (Yucks, vomit blood) - cRanKy mE
  6. I am also an organised person. If I take up a task, I will not rest until I have completed it. No one's perfect in this world except GOD, but I will always try to be a 90% perfectionist. - pErFect mE
  7. I don't get angry fast, but if I do, I can finish up the whole bar of Cadbury chocolate. I know it's horrible, but this is how I venge my anger on. And regret later thinking about the amount of calories I have consumed. - cRaZy mE

These are just a few things about me. Thanks to sheetal for tagging me and letting my cat out of the bag. hehehe.... : p


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice one... I'm drooling too, after reading ur dessert thingy..

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