Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chewing gums causes wrinkles!!!

It freshens our breath and helps some to quit smoking, but some cosmetic surgeons believe chewing gum does one more thing: It gives us wrinkles!!!!!

While no studies have been done showing a link between chewing gum and wrinkles, the topic does come up with some regularity on beauty tips articles.

Experts attribute the gum-wrinkle connection to two things. First, there’s the repetitive motion of chewing, which causes lines and folds around the mouth due to muscle overuse. Chewing gum promotes muscle over-activity and potentially breaks down support tissue within the skin, contributing to volume loss and perhaps loss of skin elasticity. What's more, chewing gum can dislodge dermal fillers that people have injected into their faces to plump up their wrinkles. It actually pushes them out of the area and dissipate a lot quicker in gum chewers.
So ladies out there, please avoid the wrinkle-makers!