Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have been hit by the tag fever by Vickn3s, who was also tagged by Novin. Just answer 9 simple questions and link the person who have tagged you. In a way, it increases the traffic flow to other blogs which helps to promote one's blog too. So here it goes.....

1 A.R Rahman or Ilaiyaraaja?
~ Oh come on, they create masterpieces! Both are excellent.

2. Rajinikanth or Kamal?
~ Namba superstar

3. Windows or Mac?
~ Windows

4. Nokia or Sony Ericsson?
~ Kannum Kannum .....

5. Wordpress or Blogger?
~ me using blogger

6. Vairamuthu or Vaali?
~ Vickn3s has quoted that 'both are perverts', I shall stick to that, coz these two's imagination is really wild most of the times. Hehe

7. SPB or Hariharan
~ Hariharan, my fav

8. BMW or Mercedes
~ Prefer BMW than Mercedes. But my dream car is Peugeot open-top.

9. Left or right?
~ Right, i suppose.

Feel free to take up this tag, guys.


vickn3s said...

haha, that's good.u may wanna get ur frens to blog it and get ur blog to back linked.cheers

Novinthen said...

eh , thanks :)


whAt A LiFe said...

@ Vickn3s


@ Novin


Novinthen said...


tulipspeaks said...

1. ARR
2. Rajini
3. Win
4. SE
5. Blogger
6. Vairamuthu
7. SPB
8. BMW
9. Right


thanks for the comments in my MIA post. really appreciate ur concern. hugs!


vickn3s said...

ammu, u slack la..u broke the chain la. u suppose to post in on ur blog dear...enna shantini, kaigeh kitte solluliya?

tulipspeaks said...

vickey, i rarely do tags la

vickn3s said...

sure nt ammu,i tink ive seen tag in ur blog before...its k lorrr..anyway thanks for participating

whAt A LiFe said...

Sorry thala, please forgive my kaigeh. Hehe...

Sandakozhi madri yen ipadi oru vivadhem.

Tks for taking part, my chello ammu

Lion said...

Here u go.. !!

1 A.R Rahman or Ilaiyaraaja? A.R.R
2. Rajinikanth or Kamal? Rajani
3. Windows or Mac? Of course Mac
4. Nokia or Sony Ericsson? Moto 'or' iphone
5. Wordpress or Blogger? Wordpress
6. Vairamuthu or Vaali? Both are great!!
7. SPB or Hariharan , Hariharan
8. BMW or Mercedes,, Ofcourse BMW.. why there is no option for Porsche
9. Left or right? Right.

whAt A LiFe said...

Wow, that's nice. You said u prefer wordpress, but y aren't u using it? Create a blog lah.... then i can come n disturb u. Hehehe