Saturday, October 18, 2008


We had lunch at Old Town White Coffee, that was my bday treat to my girlfriends. We had some quality time after quite sometime. It doesn’t matter how far you are, it’s the thought that matters to me. Most of my friends are from S’pore coz I shifted to JB only 4 years ago, so just managed to get a few good friends in JB. Though they are very much older than me, you can see, they are the ones who are always with me through ups and downs. Lolz…. S’pore makkals, I love you too.

Lunch was great and all the four of us are chatter boxes so spend most of the time chit-chatting. I brought my camera along but didn’t take any picture, smart ass. Only manage to take this photo at home. Thanks for my bday gifts, darlz.

Next bday bash was for Sivanes akka, which was on 14 Oct. We went to Vaanavil Restaurant, a newly-opened outlet for dinner. Vimala akka happen to know the owner, Mr Thana, and he was so sweet to offer us a private room. Quite cool isn’t it?

Actually, we wanted to try the Dum Briyani but unfortunately there wasn’t any for dinner time. So weird, anyway, we had other Indian items like the perattal and masalas. Not very appertizing but can’t help it.

Wishing the b’day baby, many more happy returns of the day.


பிரியமுடன்... said...

Hello...Friend! Im extremly sorry! How could it happened! How did i forget thia ya! ok any have i wish u first! My belated Birthday Wishes to u! May god bless u always! i had been thinking to convey this wishes in right time, but i forgot it ya! i hope that u might forgive me! can? can? Hei..then how was ur birthday celebrations! oh sorry i had written here what! okk....all d best! convey my regards to your frieds(aall akkaas) Do u like Dum Briyani! very sad! bcoz i can't give u share! ha...ha..ha.. Ok we could have it sometime ok! All the ladies r very nice in photos! God bless u sisters n Shantini!

whAt A LiFe said...

Tks prem. It's the thought that counts, i'm very happy to know that you wanted to wish me on my bday. I forgive you my dear, i can understand you are busy with work and all. Not a problem.

I love dum briyani..... it's so yummy