Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentine's Day

My love for you will always be
The purest of its kind
It was conceived within my heart
With only you in mind
I never thought that it could be as beautiful as this
There's one thing you should truly know
That it is you I've missed
Can't wait to see you fall asleep
And kiss you when you wake
My love for you to take
And one day you shall see
That it was all worth while, my love
Forever you and me.

Happy Valentine's Day To everyone in my blogroll


Lena said...

sweet poem :)
happy belated Valentine's day to you too :)

flyingstars said...

lovely words...beautifully crafted, full of pure love!

Lion said...

for me no one there to say Valentine's day .. :-( :-( :-(

anits said...

hi..wonderful words...n sweet post by sweet person!

whAt A LiFe said...

@ Lena

Tks gal. And same to u.

@ Flyingstars

[I'm blushing] Tks anyway.

@ Lion

Oh boy, Happy belated V day to u. Don't get upset. May you celebrate ur next V day with that someone special..... :p

@ Anits

Tks for your sweet comments. hehehe