Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Another festive season has started. It's Chinese New Year and we are getting a lot of mandarin oranges from neighbours and friends. The honey oranges are so sweet and it is damn nice when you chill them before eating. 2 days of public holidays, Yahoooooo...........

Though, we don't celebrate the occassion, we did our normal cleaning of the house. (I am free of house chores at least for a few days, can enjoy the holiday........ zzzzzzzzz)

My cousin is getting engaged tomorrow at the temple. The family of Amboo's will be present and it's been quite sometime since I saw all of them coz they live in K.L. They are from my father's side actually, he has a total of 8 siblings. Only my father had to be separated from the family, coz he was stationed to work in S'pore and J.B at the railways. So somehow, our family got settled down here. We will only visit them once a year or if there is any occassions in the family. I am so excited to see the whole bunch of them. The maapilai is my mama payan. Ponnu is from J.B. Wonder how the connection linked?? Somehow, I came to know that it is a love affair. Like the saying goes, 'Nokia connecting the people'. Loolzzzzz

I will post the pictures and update you guys. Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays. And for those whose countries do not celebrate this occassion and are not entitled for a public holiday, I just want to wish you a good day.
Take care


tulipspeaks said...

enjoyed the holiday & the occasion?


whAt A LiFe said...

Yes, I did. It was real fun.