Friday, October 12, 2007

Heaven on Earth

~ Shopping~
(5 & 6 Oct)
Hi guys, I know it has been quite sometime since I updated my blog. I've been busy shopping. I took 3 days leave since last Thursday. I visited my cousin sister at Bedok, S'pore, stayed there for 2 days. What else will I do, shopping, shopping, shopping and almost made a hole in my pocket. Hahahaz... I bought many stuffs and to tell you the truth I was having terrible headache while shopping maybe bcoz of the hot weather. The scorching sun was blazing like hell. I couldn't even eat much the 2 days, coz out of thirst, I drank a lot of water. My bro-in-law was so sweet enough to buy chendol and ice fruit jelly dessert for me n my cousin sis. After a tiring day, it was Heaven on Earth, you know. It was the best cold dessert I had in Bedok food court next to the MRT station. I came back home on Saturday night, feeling really exhausted and went straight to bed. Zzzzzz

~ Family Day~
(7 Oct)

Sunday was a family day for me as my brother's family came over for lunch. So, I helped my mum to cook and enjoyed playing with my nephews. The elder one is Kishoor, and he is a mini computer genius. He is only in Primary 4 and can handle the internet all by himself. He sends emails too. Oh my, I was not like that during that age. Shy off..... Second one is Daanesh, he is in primary 2, another cute fella, always begs his bro to let him play the games in the PlayStation. Kishoor always cheats him when it comes to Daanesh's turn to play. End up, I have to do the 'natamai thirppe'. Third one is Lakshman, going to K1 next year. He is quite plump and the naughty one in fact. The mastermind, who does things and put the blame on his brothers.

Ok where was I, oh, then we had lunch together and they left late afternoon as the kids had some homeworks to complete. Next, I watched Vasantham Star Semi-finals at 6pm with tense arousing in the air. All are good singers and they had different styles and vocals. Rekha was the only girl who managed to the semi-finals. She has improved a lot since her 1st day of entry. She sang very well that day and also presented herself as a natural singer. Bravo to her, I admired her singing skills but eventually, due to lack of SMS vote, she was out, which was quite shocking to me. Only Dinesh, Vignesh, Ebi Shankara and Devarajan entered for the Finals. Anyway, I hope this would be a stepping stone for her in the singing industry. My best wishes to her and really hope that she will pursue her singing skills in future. Will support you gal..... That was my Sunday.

~Sweet B'day~
(8 Oct)

I slept early that day coz I still haven't get over the tiredness. The clock stroked 12mdnite and my hp was buzzing like a bee non-stop. It was my B'day, a year older, and many sent sms and some called to wish me. It was so nice of them to remember and wished me. After all that, slept back as I have to wake up early at 7.00am and start to cook for lunch. Actually, I invited a few of my close friends, Sivanes, Mala and Vani over for lunch. I cooked Black Pepper Prawns and Mixed Vegetable and my mum cooked Chicken Masala, Egg Sambal, Coriander chutney and Pal Payasam. Yum Yum......

I received some nice gifts. Yipee! Mala bought a beautiful bag with sequence being sewed on it, goes well with sarees and she also bought a yumlicious Chocolate Cake from Seasons. Again, it was Heaven on Earth. Sivanes bought a pink necklace set with Swarowski stones. A classic piece and I love it so much. Vani bought a silver bracellet. I was glittering that day. Thank you so much dearies. My mum bought me a pair of gold earrings (Jimikki). I wore it the whole day. Thanks ma. My sweetheart bought for me a Gold mantra Ring from WOF. I have been wanting to buy it, my sweet hubby gifted me already. Thank you and like Prakashraj says in the Gilli movie, I love u chellam..... :p

To end it all, my hubby surprised me with a nice dinner at Pan Pacific Hotel's International Buffet. The spread was huge and mouth-watering. I had a sumptuous dinner and great service. Wonderful time spent with wonderful people on my Bday, It's Heaven on Earth. I will cherish it. : )
P.S. I couldn't post any pictures coz I'm having some problems with my reader so I will get it replaced soon.


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Wish you a belated birthday wishes..Glad to know you had a lovely time !! Chocolate cake yum!! and so are your dishes for lunch...

Shopping can be such a tiring one especially in hot climate , but its ok when we end of stuffs we like.. ;)

Have a lovely weekend! you've been tagged by me :)

Lion said...

Be-Lated Birthday wishes to you..

Good to know that you had a nice/wonderfull time..

oh!! we missed the yummy yummy
black Pepper Prawns and Chicken Masala...

whAt A LiFe said...

@ Shalini

Tks dear. B'days are always nice. So when is yours?

P.S. I will take up the tag soon

@ Mr Roar

Tks so much. Yummy yum yum

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

belated bday wishes :)

PurpleHeart said...

Happy Birthday Shantini !! And I do hope u r feeling ok after the tiring shopping season !!

whAt A LiFe said...

@ s.h.a.s.h.i.

Tks so much.

@ Purpleheart


Tks and ya I'm ok now. More or less settled now.