Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's The New Year Has In Store?

Basically, any individual would seek for a happy year ahead with lots of good things happening, good job, good life, good friends, good encounters and the rest speaks the same way.

Being positive from the beginning of a new year brings in the positive energy, i guess.... hahaha....

Well, I'm not an exception! I'm looking forward to a splendid year too. Greatly hoping for 2011 to be a meaningful year for me. I've experienced some ups & downs in 2010, some bitter-sweet memories and some really happy moments which I still cherish.

My hubby who has been a pillar of my strength, has made me even more stronger. But I still need him when I'm lost in the world at times. Lols..... A superman who is always there for my rescue. My new year resolution is to be a good wife, good daughter, good friend and soon a good mother. I am falling in love with him again. Looking forward to a nice holiday with him for our wedding anniversary in Feb 2011. And next to be a good daughter. I love my parents a lot and without them I'm nothing! Still a small kid in front of them. Yipee!

A good friendship will always be forever. I hope to be a good friend to anyone who needs my help/advises or a shoulder to lean on. I'm always there. In return, I just expect some sincere and loyal friends to be with me for a lifetime. I'm willing to share the journey of my life with those good friends.

This new year shall bring in the descendants' luck and be blessed with good kids.

May the coming year bless us with great success, prosperity and happiness. Everyone deserves their share, so with the God's blessings,

Happy New Year, everyone.

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