Friday, November 26, 2010

Life Cycle (Part 1)

We came to this world empty-handed. A baby with full of expectations and unconditional love from its parents. How nice would it be if we can just rewind our life cycle and be a baby again! A cute little bundle of joy given by the God. Many have showered their love and cuddled us when we were an infant. We were too innocent and expect nothing but just their love, care and concern.

Though I could not remember my early days but I still can recall some incidents and people I have come acrossed when I was 5 years old. Those are really memories. From babies, we grow and become toddlers who needs great attention. Our parents have done an important role to nurture and educate us to be a better person. No words can describe our gratitude towards them.

My first day of school was a typical one, with teary eyes and lots of hatred. I did cried for a few days in school and once I've made new friends in class, I was the happiest person and all smiles. From then onwards, it was fun going to school. That was the first taste of friendship in my life.

Kids are always kids, they never meant any harm or had ill feelings towards people surrounding them. All they want is to play and get whatever they ask for. Such tender phase of life........

But why are things on reverse version when we grow older? I'm still confused and lost for words ........

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