Wednesday, September 12, 2007

~ Happy B'day to you Mum ~

My special gift you've always known
One that you already see
You carry near by day & night
The very heart of me
My every breath you freely gave
But in return, what could I hope to give
For all gifts on earth just pale away
But that I ever live
Thus on this day to you I say
For giving all your heart
No other mum shall ever be mine
Our love can never part
Have a lovely day dear Mum
God bless you on your birthday and always
That is all I ask.
Love you loads.......


Lion said...

Hey !! it's really good one.. !! from where you took/stolen this ??????

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

awww..That was really sweet..Wish your mom a very happy bday :)

whAt A LiFe said...

@ Mr Roar

Tks. It is mine!!!!!!!!!


Tks dear. My mum didn't expect a celebration but she did suspect something was going on. Lolz! My brother gave all of us a treat to a chinese restaurant. It was yummy.

My mum cut the cake at home after dinner. I must say the cake was so delicious that I had a 2nd piece. Can't stop eating you know. I felt guilty after that.

After such a long time, we spent time talking n talking n talking till 1.00am. I really enjoyed myself yesterday.

tulipspeaks said...

happy belated birthday wishes to your mom!



praveen said...

hi...convey my belated wishes to ur mom....
keep rocking... :D

Lion said...

Shantini : Really sorry if i hurt u any way by commented above.. !!!

U r the author of this.. thats really great then..

Good to hear that u had a nice time with ur family !!!

Convey our be-lated wishe's to ur Mom!!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Glad to know you guys had a blast... Its so much fun to talk till wee hours in the morning .. :D
I guess its ok to indulge in a little extra food.. afterall whats celebration without all these...

My fav. cusine is Chinese too but after the South Indian food :)

KAYLEE said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hapopy birthday to her

whAt A LiFe said...

@ Tulipspeaks, Praveen & Kaylee

I will get her to read it. She will be more than happy to know that you guys had wished her.

@ Mr Roar

I know it was meant as a joke. So its ok darling. No need to apologise. Hehehe

B'day celebrations are so nice, isn't it? I really enjoy it even though it was not my bday. Konjum kudha vekkameh ellai!


@ Shalu

I guess what you said is true, no celebration is complete without food. I love to try out different types of cuisine. Proper food, i mean not fear factor huh.... : p

Lion said...

Shantini :

Looks like u know me.. Is that true.?? whom am i then ???

Ungalku "Konjum kuda vekkameha ellai"" ???

If i am not wrong.. as per Tamil/Indian culture's girl's suppose to have accham (fear), naanam (shyness), madam (simplicity, innocence), payirppu (modesty).. hope u have this.. ha ha ha.. (just kidding don't take it seriours'ly)....

whAt A LiFe said...

Is your name Singam? Hahaz

Of course, I have all the 4 things u have mentioned in a cultured girl.

Naan oru malayalam kalandha tamil ponnu okva.


Lion said...

No my name is not Singam.. my name starts with D...

That's good to hear u have all 4 things.. ha haha..

whAt A LiFe said...

What a guessing game! I'm not sure lah.

Mr Roar, don't you have a blog? I can add you in mah.

Lion said...

Shantini : no not at all its not a game.. I thought u know me that wise i asked u..

Any way.. i don't have any blog..

As using this id to check/comment at Oli-Vimala blog.. Later from there i got Sambar as my friend.. now it's u.

let me know ur email-id, so i tell my name on that. As like oli-Vimala know me now via email..

whAt A LiFe said...

No probs, we can be friends. You may send me emails at