Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend was great

We went to one of the boy's orphanage at Kangkar Pulai to give them lunch. There were about 55 of them, used to be 100 plus. Some of them are working already and staying at a nearby hostel, the rest are still schooling. They were very well behaved and disciplined. Baby Tianna was with me while her parents were having a short prayer with the children before lunch. It was raining cats n dogs on that day. I guess, god sent his blessings to all of ur present there, especially Tianna.

My sister had a small birthday celebration for her at my grandma's place. In fact, this was a 2nd celebration, as she did one in s'pore. Here are some shots taken on that day.

Cake cutting

My parents feeding her

Don't cry, take a snap 1st

Kevin, Janice and baby Joel

Started lah our snaping moments

One more please, with the kids

Last shot while mummy is preparing milk, to put you to sleep,
Good nite


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Jarlin said...

Good One....

natasha said...
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Shalini Gowrisankar said...

cute pics .. I'm remided of my birthdays as a kid ..