Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year 2009

Well, I've not been blogging for sometime. What different excuse can i give you all, its the same as everyone, BUSY. So please bear with me.

I had a wonderful New Year celebrations with my family. My bro's family decided to stay over at my place, which made the day more exciting. After work, we went for our new year's eve dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant and had a sumptuous meal. The food was delicious.

Many good and bad things happened in 2008 but i have overcome many obstacles and struggled my way up. Some incidents makes me laugh when i think how crazy i can be and some incidents angers me when i sit down and think how people make use of me and betray me. Those moments of excitement when i was thrilled and moments of fear when i made mistakes and couldn't do anything to repay back. So many types of feelings i have experienced. I will cherish all these and move on to welcome 2009. I wished for something this year but I'm not telling it now. It's a secret! I just need the blessings of all my well-wishers.

We welcomed 2009 with fireworks (left-overs of deepavali celebrations). My nephews enjoyed it very much. Kids are always kids. This new year is something very special as my bro's family joined us in the celebrations.

We slept late that day after a long chit-chat with coffee and snacks. Hehehe....

I spent my time with my nephews playing card & board games (Donkey, Snap and etc). I know i have no choice, i got cheat a bit lah to win. Lolz....... On New year's day, my sis-in-law cooked for lunch and all of us ate together. Thereafter, we visited my grandma at Larkin Indah and spent the afternoon with my aunt and cousins.

We had great fun together on the 1st day of the year. May this year be peaceful, harmonious, full of happiness, gives good luck to everyone which can make our life fruitful.

Happy New Year to all of u .............


பிரியமுடன்... said...

Kopi...New Year! oh....sorry...Happy New Year! chit-chat with coffee? are u sure?


i know...i know....Boy r Girl?
have u checked up or not? your country doctors will tell u or not? wish u all d best ya! May god bless u for your good health and Happy mood! Be Happy....Give birth a cute baby okey!

whAt A LiFe said...

Yes, it was bru coffee. U thought it was champagne or something?

That was so sweet of you, anyway tks so much.

May god bless you with all the prosperity and good luck too.

Veni said...

Hi Shantini,

Glad to know another female indian blogger.

Happy New Year to you : )

whAt A LiFe said...

Hi there, happy new year to u too.


Kavitha Rajan said...

Hie, happy new year to u!
wish u all the best for year 2009..


Lena said...

Happy New Year (so wat it is 19th jan) to you too!! :)