Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Cousin Sister's Valakappu

Mum n Dad to be......

For her

Mum-in-law started with the traditional stuffs

Vanita Akka putting the bangles

Akka, you've put on weight, the bangle is not going in......... :p


She opened the yoghurt rice 1st followed by the tamarind rice,
so its a boy........... (old grannies beliefs)

Glowing with happiness, my favourite akka. Love ya......

A shot after the ceremony

The bangle ceremony was held at her house in Bedok, S'pore. One of my favourite shopping paradise, there are many great stuffs you can get under her block. It's a very convenient place with all facilities surrounding the housing estate.

Anyways, i wish her all the best and pray that she will have a smooth delivery. After many years, she's finally been blessed with a child. Thank God.


tulipspeaks said...

congrats and do convey my best wishes to her!


whAt A LiFe said...

I will......tks ammu....