Friday, January 25, 2008

Sri Perumal

This marvellous masterpiece of Sri Perumal belongs to Vimala akka, who is a very good friend of mine (a very cheerful person I've known so far). I took a few shots when I visited her last month. This holistic piece costs RM4500.00.

She placed an order in May after seeing it at one of her relatives house. Without a second thought, she paid the full amount to her uncle who is living in India. Months passed by and there were no news of it at all. She was quite worried and dare not let her family know of the unknown delay instead she consoled herself, "if it is meant for me, it will definitely come to me" and forgot about it totally.

One fine day, she received a call from her mum-in-law:-

MIL ~ Mala, unnakku oru parcel vantheruku.

Vimala ~ Yenna atta solleringa. Enna parcel, yaar anapana?

MIL ~ Romba perisa irukku. India address.

Vimala ~ Theriyalae atta, naan approma vandhe pakiren.

MIL ~ Seyri, nee vandhe para.

That was the telephone conversation between the two.

It didn't get into her mind that it was the Sri Perumal that she ordered in May. She came home with anxiety and opened the big parcel and she was jumping with joy after taking a glance of it. The best part of the story is, it was Vaikonda Egadasi that day, which is Sri Perumal's auspicious day. After knowing it, she was then lost for words. The joy in her face could not be described.

She felt as if the Tirupathi Vengadachalapadi has come to her house. How lucky she is, rite? The stone-studded Sri Perumal with special lighting and music effects was so perfectly done and hats off to the person who crafted it this well.

And ever since that day, everyone who visits her, keeps giving fruits and laddos as offerings to Sri Perumal. The God gets his favourite offerings majestically from any corners of the world. Lolz....... Arogara, arogara, arogara........


Lion said...

That's great and good to see the perumal artscraft, but to be frank like this i have seen many in India..

This also good one, I will pray to perumal to keep all will in this world..

whAt A LiFe said...

U r lucky then, as for myself, i have not been to India.

They r so talented and details in the handicrafts are so good. India is in my list of holidays. So when i get there, i would probably wanna buy everything I see. I better save from now..... Loolz

novin said...

are lord vishnu and lord perumal same?

coz i thot vaikunda ekadasi is special day for lord vishnu..

correct me if im wrong.